USMEX18 Videos – October 11-13, 2018

COOL COINS & CURRENCY at USMEX Coin Convention 2018

VIDEO: 14:49

Interviewer: David Lisot,

David Lisot brings you some Latin and Mexican coins and banknotes that are very esoteric to teach you more about coin collecting. Presenters include:

  • Paul Montz; Mexico 1799 Charles IIII “Chopmarked” Silver 8 Reales, Mexico Sinaloa “Sandcast” 8 Reales.
  • Arthur Morowitz; Bolivia 1863 Specimen one peso UNC banknote, Banco de Santa Fe 1862 Specimen 500 Peso UNC, Puerto Rico 200 Peso Specimen UNC, Costa Rico Banco Occidental 500 Colones Specimen UNC.
  • Kyle Ponterio; Brazil 1820 Silver 960 Reis with British Honduras counterstamped PCGS AU55, Mexican Cob Philip IV 8 Reales counterstamped for use in Tunisia.
  • Daniel Sedwick; Mexico Undated Carlos & Johanna 3 Reales with waterlines NGC VF30, Columbia 1665 Silver 8 Reales countermarked for Spanish Netherlands, Mexico 1715 Silver 8 Reales from Pirate Ship Whydah.

New Book on Chilean Numismatics at USMEX Convention

VIDEO: 5:14

Carlos Jara & Eduardo Chavez Esturillo, Researchers, David Lisot, Video Producer,

The new book, “Peso Chile Independiente: 1817-2017”, by Eduardo Chavez Esturillo & Rodrigo Baeza Rogers, was announced at the US Mexican Numismatic Association Convention in Scottsdale. Find out why this book is so important for numismatics.

PCGS Coin Grading Challenge at USMEX Coin Convention

VIDEO: 4:34

David Lisot, with Jay Turner, Coin Grader, PCGS, & Kyle Ponterio, Numismatist, Stack’s Bowers.

Imagine the difficulty of grading the many different world coins. David Lisot of CoinTelevision decides the take the Professional Coin Grading Service grading challenge at the 2018 US Mexican Coin Convention. He also interviews winner Kyle Ponterio.

US Mexican Convention 2018 Best for Comradery

VIDEO: 2:51

David Lisot, CoinTelevision, Interviewer with Paul Montz, Arthur Morowitz, Kyle Ponterio, Dan Sedwick, & Jay Turner.

David Lisot ask the question, “What is the best part of the annual US MEX Coin Convention?”

US Mexican Numismatic Awards Ceremony 2018

VIDEO: 12:38

Cory Frampton & Kyle Ponterio, Directors, USMEX, David Lisot, Video Producer,

The 7th Annual US Mexican Numismatic Association was held again in Scottsdale. During the welcoming poolside event awards were handed out for best articles and service to the organization.