USMEX19 Videos – October 17-19, 2019


COOL Coins & Ancients from World Numismatics LLC

VIDEO: 8:44

Patrick Richey, Partner, World Numismatics, David Lisot, Interviewer,

One of the sponsors of the US Mexican Numismatic Association Coin Convention is World Numismatics. Partner in the firm Patrick Richey shares some of the “cool coins” they have brought to sell at the show including a World War II Flying Kit with English Sovereign & half Sovereign, French 10 & 20 Franc and gold rings, 561 BC Lydia Gold Stater of King Croesus, and Roman Silver Denarius with Cleopatra and Marc Antony.

COOL Latin Coins at US Mexican Numismatic Association 2019 Convention

VIDEO: 5:42

Victor Urbano, Peruvian Coin Specialist, David Lisot, Interviewer,

There was a collector who came to the convention who had an interest in coins of Peru and Latin America. He shared why his interest in coins and showed some “cool” items!  For example: one Escudo gold 1780/79 overdate PCGS AU55, and 1832 Colombia ¼ Real Silver overdate NGC MS63.

COOL Mexican Coins from Morton & Eden at USMEX Coin Convention 2019

VIDEO: 7:16

David Kirk, Morton & Eden, Numismatic Director, David Lisot, Interviewer,

A first time appearance at the USMEX Coin Convention by London auction firm Morton & Eden to show the Mexico Collection to offered for sale November 14, 2019. Director David Kirk talks about the company Morton & Eden, being in Scottsdale for the first time, and highlights from their upcoming auction. Coins include an 1824 RL Durango countermarked Silver 8 Reales, a 1695 cob 4 escudo gold, an 1824 JM Durango “Hookneck” silver 8 reales, and a Mexico  ½ real 1716 J Royal heart shaped.

US Mexican Numismatic Convention Opening & Awards Ceremony 2019

VIDEO: 11:08

Cory Frampton & Kent Ponterio, Directors, US Mexican Numismatic Association, David Lisot, Video Producer,

The 8th Annual US Mexican Numismatic Association was held again in Scottsdale. The convention hosts a welcoming poolside event where awards were handed out for best articles and service to the organization. Find out why this convention is a place where collectors and dealers want to come.


This is a preview of an educational seminar presented delivered at the annual convention of the United States Mexican Numismatic Association. The entire lecture is available on DVD. For more information contact David Lisot at:

Collecting Mexican Republic 50 Centavos

VIDEO: 5:00

William Sigl

The 50 centavos of Mexico during the Republic offer fertile ground for the collector to look for dates, errors and varieties. Find out which years are the most challenging and how to cherrypick some great coins.

”KEY” Countermarks on Coins from Cuba’s First War for Independence

VIDEO: 5:00

Kyle Ponterio. Collecting Mexican Republic 50 Centavos.

Countermarks in South America coinage are a specialty of Kyle Ponterio. In this lecture he examines the “key” counterstamp thought to have been produced in Cuba. Kyle postulates that the origin of these marks may have been of Mexican or other places of origin

Mexican Coin Collecting in the 1960’s & 1970’s

VIDEO: 5:00

H.T. Nance

H.T. Nance has been interested in Mexican coins since the 1960’s and is still involved in the hobby. He shares stories about Neil Utberg, Harvey Bruns, Pat Johnson, Jim Shipley, Richard “Dick” Long, Clyde Hubbard, George Vogt, and Howland Wood to name a few.

Native Figures and National Identity on Early Coins of Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, and the United States

VIDEO: 5:00

Peter Dunham, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Anthropology, Cleveland State University.
The story of the allegorical images used to depict America and how it was used for various Latin American countries including the US. Professor Dunham is known for his well-researched and dynamic presentations. He chronicles how the allegorical image of America was created and evolved being used in different countries in Latin America and even the United States.

Vignettes of the American Bank Note Company

VIDEO: 5:00

Connor Falk

The ABNC has created banknotes for countries all around the world. Connor Falk shares the story of this company, how they achieved such prominence and some of the artwork that made them famous