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Early Mexican Republic 8 Reales Die Varieties

– Mike Crowder



Iturbide’s Coinage of Mexico

– Carlos Jara



Mexican Republic 2 Escudos Gold Coins

– J.R. Rollo



Spanish Colonial Contemporary Counterfeits

– Bob Gurney



Counterstamps on the Coins of the Mexican War for Independence

– Max Keech

USMEX13-001;  55:54


Major Exhibit of Mexican Revolutionary Coin, Paper Money, & Memorabilia on Display at USmexNA Convention

Elmer Powell, who assembled the collection, talks about his collection and shows highlights.

USMEX13-002;  19:19


Paper Money of the Mexican Revolution

– Elmer Powell

USMEX13-003;  30:08


Republica Mexicana Silver Minor Coinage Die Styles

– Dave Busse

USMEX13-004; 61:08


Gold Cobs of Mexico

– Philip Flemming, Ph.D.

Phil Flemming is a collector with a degree in classics that specializes in gold coins of the New World. The first gold coins of Mexico are known as cobs and were struck from 1679 until 1732. The story of how they came to be created is filled with intrigue and some mystery.
In this video you will learn:

  • How the first gold coins were made in Mexico were called the Jeweled Cross series
  • The decree in 1675 authorizing gold coins in Mexico and how it took so long for any to be created
  • Introduction of a new cross design
  • Variations of design
  • Box end crosses, plain end crosses, thin crosses


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Evolution of Symbolism on Mexican Coinage

– Max Keech

  • How the 1811 coin of the Supreme Junta of was found that included the
  • History of the Mexican Revolution that began in 1810
  • Development of the bird on the coinage, Mexican Golden Eagle or Crested Caracara
  • How the Caldaron Bridge may be shown on this coin.
  • Timeline of evolution of symbolism beginning in 1064 AD
  • Use of Codices to see images, i.e. 1541 Codex Mendoza, Codex Florentine, 1565 Codex Osuna, 1581 Codex Duran, and late 16th Codex Ramirez.
  • Spanish Proclamation Medals as sources of imagery starting in the 1700’s, the changes and lack of consistency.

USMEX12-001; 44:35

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